Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 gallons of water per person per day this bill!

If I'm doing the math right, that consumption of 3 units shown below, during the time period it covers, means that in this household of 2 people, we averaged a daily usage of around 18.3 gallons per person. I blogged about calculating usage based on your bill information here.

No measures that seemed drastic to us were used. There were no extended trips out of town either. We did install an ultra-low showerhead that I talked about here and it does a great job. We eat on paper plates more. We are more conscientious about usage overall and don't plan on changing too much now that the water levels are back up at the reservoirs. I figure a long dry period is coming up, as it has consistently the past few years, and this time I'll be ready for it more than ever.

Apparently some households are using a lot more, as much as 60 or more units per month, according to an interesting discussion over at Barry's blog here. I hope there will be more information forthcoming about the issue of new housing and water consumption.


sry said...

Eating on paper plates may be a good idea for water conservation, but is it really better to shift the environmental impact by creating more waste to rot in landfills?

Durham Bull Pen said...

sry: I agree with you as a general rule on that point, but in a drought situation with a month or so of water left for your community, some shifting logically has to happen.

Ms. Passive Aggressive said...

We tend to reuse our paper plates a few times, if they were hosting more dry than messy food.

Our bill was exactly the same as last month...4 units for the 2.5 of us (plus two thirsty dogs and a fish).