Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is that it? No horns, no tail?

I promised an update and here it is.

I hope this isn't New Bull. He hardly seems very Bully anymore.

Compare to Old Bull, who had horns, a tail, and I could sometimes see the red eyes from the back:


matimus said...

They may still be in the process of taking the old bull down. According to a story on the Durham Bulls web site, the new bull "will be up in time for the Bulls 2008 home opener on Friday, April 11th", which leads me to believe that it's not going up right away.

Ginny said...

That can't possibly be it, right? I thought the whole idea of the change was so folks in the office building on the other side could see

Durham Bull Pen said...

Matimus, I hope you're right! WRAL ran a story yesterday on the news that made it sound like the New Bull was already installed. Maybe not.

Ginny, I'm hoping you're right and the New Bull isn't up, but a wral story made me think he had been installed. Could be I heard the story wrong and New Bull isn't up yet. I'll keep a lookout for New Bull.