Monday, January 21, 2008

Review/Update for my new supa-dupa showerhead.

Updating my recent blogging about my new ultra-low showerhead with the on-off button, which was here.

It installed quite easily and it works very well. To recap, most low-flows are rated 2.5 gallons per minute flow, but this one is 1.9 gpm. Plus the on-off button makes it easy to stop and start the water while maintaining the temperature. Yes, I am a gadget freak.

Anyway, all I did was unscrew the old one (which was a regular low flow), and screw in the new one. No muss, no fuss, no leaks. Here's me taking off the old one. As an aside, my bathroom really is that orangey-red color:

I cannot tell a difference in the spray. There's plenty of spray and it flows out with appropriate force. The button that temporarily turns off the flow works like a charm. It turns off the flow and when you press it again to turn the flow back on, it is the same warm temperature as when you stopped the flow. So if you've been wanting an on-off button or an even lower-flow showerhead, this one I can vouch for as a satisfied customer. Here it is doing its thing:

Odd what passes for fun and excitement at my house.


Zack said...

Okay, now I see what you were talking about. That one seems cool. I think I might try to convince the roommate to get one of these.

P.S. Orange bathrooms are awesome. That reminds me of my first apt. in Chapel Hill, which we painted orange, yellow and peach.

Martha Stewart said...

The color is "Blood Orange," which sounds a bit "redrum" is you don't know the fruit.