Sunday, March 23, 2008

"In harm's way . . ."

You hear the phrase a lot--that we're putting our military men and women "in harm's way."

This movie, Body of War, has just been released and shows what "harm" meant to one young man, Tomas Young. Similar harm has happened to over 35,000 men and women coming home from Iraq with life-altering injuries. (We passed the 4,000 dead mark today, sadly).

I'm going to call and email The Carolina Theatre to see if will be coming here to Durham.

I caught the interview with the producers/directors on Bill Moyers and hadn't heard of the film before. It is now on my must-see list. More info here, and a picture of Mr. Young, on the wiki page for the movie.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether the Carolina Theatre will be showing a regular run of Body of War, but I do know that Body of War will be showing as part of Full Frame at the beginning of April.

Jackson said...

I hope that it is part of the Full Frame Festival. I didn't see it listed at their website listing all of the films.

Where did you hear that from, anonymous? Has it been added?

Their site: