Monday, March 3, 2008

Duke Gardens makes it clear

in case you were wondering:

It was sunny and 71 degrees or so yesterday and plenty of people were out enjoying Duke Gardens. Not many things blooming, but some things were. Lovely to see different families soaking up the sun and for one little Latina girl at the pond to walk up to a duck and exclaim, "Hola, duck!"

Hola Duck!

Sundial inscribed "Nothing is worth more than this day."

Some beautiful blooms can be found.


Jack said...

Thanks for sharing the Duke Garden photos here, DBP. And thanks for keeping the original sizes via the link. The photo of the duck is amazing. The water around him/her looks like it's moving. And the flower is beautiful.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Jack, Thanks! Duke Gardens is a beautiful place to check out and the ducks are always so beautiful. This one practically posed for me.

Zack said...

Jes' so's you know, "Hola Duck" is my new desktop background.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Cool, Zack. I like how her man(duck) is checking her out in the bottom right of the pic.