Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sprouting & Unfolding for Spring

More new things happening in our yard as photographed today.

The Brown Turkey Fig Tree waking up this week, sprouting its first leaves on the limb tips:

The Quince is in bloom, with more blooms still unfolding for the sun:

Hostas poking their fingers out of the ground, beginning to unfurl their leaves:

The Dogwood beginning to open up, blooms tinged with color:


Jessica said...

Thanks for your recent post, I've been looking for a small, rapid growing tree...and I love figs. I just purchased one from the link you provided. Do you have any advice on growing from your experience with the brown turkey variety?

Durham Bull Pen said...

It's been very easy to grow. Not fussy at all. I haven't had any trouble with insects or anything. Other than dropping its leaves earlier than usual, the drought seemed to have little effect on it. Watch it closely when the fruit sets because the birds might try to help themselves.

I uploaded 3 more pictures of what my
fig tree
looked like after getting all its leaves and setting fruit last year.

We planted it in a mostly sunny (but not fully sunny) place in our yard.

Let me know how yours does!

Jessica said...

I still haven't received the fig tree - just curious, did yours take awhile to be shipped?

Durham Bull Pen said...

Jessica, it's been a while so I don't really remember about the shipping. Sorry!