Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Breakfast blogging

Seeing as how I love poached eggs over toast or a toasted English muffin, but always thought it was super complicated to get them right at home, I'd never made any for myself. So I gave poached eggs a shot this morning and I did it! The yolk was done just right on the inside too. I added a little coarse black pepper to the top of the eggs. Maybe most of you poach eggs often and this seems like a small victory, but I was pretty happy about getting it right. Of course I snapped a picture (above).

This site
gave me my instructions, though I didn't use vinegar in the water as suggested.


RR said...

Your eggs look lonely. Well, I think they look wonderful, but I was sad no one had commented. So there you go. Great eggs!

Durham Bull Pen said...

The eggs thank you, RR. And I do too.

They were teh tasty.