Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I keep hoping for a bluebird family.

I have a couple of birdhouses especially for them in my yard. They are mounted at the correct height and facing the correct direction, but so far no bluebirds. That's okay because I get other bird families each year. A few days ago, I once again saw a mama bird busily flitting in and out of one of the 2 birdhouses I have. I stood and watched her--her beak would carry a few twigs each time as she flew in. I couldn't identify her, but I have my Audubon book out and will soon.

I know from past springtimes that once the eggs hatch, the peeping sounds of baby birds will fill my tiny yard. The birdhouse fairly sways with their cheeps and calls and movement. As soon as mama flies in with food, a few minutes of quiet will descend on the box. Then off she will fly again in search of food, and the babies will explode in sound. I guess they want to make sure mama can find their hungry mouths again. I highly recommend a birdhouse if you haven't had the pleasure of watching this springtime ritual up close. Barnes Supply on Ninth Street usually has many to choose from, including the mounting poles.

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