Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The turtle pond & the 36th parallel at Duke Gardens

We recently discovered a small turtle pond tucked away off the beaten path at Duke Gardens in the Native Plants section. Lots of turtles and and if you spinkle some cracked corn on the surface, they come gliding over, sticking their heads up to periodically to assess the situation. (If you want, you can click the pix to make them larger.)

Also, there at the turtle pond while I was taking pictures of the turtles, I was darn near standing on the marker below. I turned around and read it. It says: This is the 36th Parallel of Latitude, 3990 Kilometers, 2480 miles North of the Equator. So to a nerd like me, that was completely cool.

Looks like this Memorial Day weekend is going to be nice weather-wise, so I hope everyone gets out and explores the interesting and beautiful things all around Durham or wherever you find yourself.


Valerie said...

Shh! Don't tell! ;) Were there baby turtles? I am not sure when baby turtle season is, but they are the cutest.

Yertle, the You Know What said...

Yes, there were very very cute baby turtle when I was there.

Yertle, the mistyping turtle said...

Turtles. My typing leg got caught in the keyboard.

Ginny said...

Good find. I wonder if the turtles were attracted to that pond b/c of it's location. Haha. I love walking around the edge of the big pond and seeing the the small frogs jump into the water all at once. So cute.