Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A true American hero was in Durham tonight.

Colonel Ann Wright. And I had the pleasure of seeing her and hearing her speak. She was at The Regulator bookstore on 9th Street speaking to a packed basement of folks--all chairs taken, people standing and leaning against the walls, sitting on the staircase. She's written a great book called Dissent: Voices of Conscience featuring people who spoke up and spoke out about the Iraq Invasion and risked their careers and lives in doing so. (It is meticuloulsy footnoted and has a superb bibliography of cited references too.)

Who is Colonel Ann Wright? She's probably most widely known for being one of three U.S. State Department officials to publicly resign in 2003 in direct protest of the invasion of Iraq. She gave up a 29 year career in the military and as a diplomat because she felt she had to speak out.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

When she resigned, it was to Colin Powell with this letter of resignation, which is amazing.

She even has the distinction of having her microphone cut when speaking the truth to Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly.

Tonight she spoke about a few people featured in her book, such as Sibel Edmonds. She knows her stuff (facts, figures, people, events) cold about the run-up and aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. I got the feeling she could've kept on talking about it all for hours on end. It was almost unbelievable until you realize it really happened. To all of us.

The Indy also had a recent article on Colonel Wright here.

Always something interesting happening in Durham.

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Jack said...

It was a great turn-out for Colonel Wright. It's always a treat to be informed on a subject by a true insider. She was definitely that. Her service to this country continues, even after her resignation.
I just sent an e-mail to The Regulator Book Store thanking them for hosting the event. While I've been buying books from them for many, many years, I've never attended a book reading or event like this.
It won't be the last.