Thursday, May 15, 2008

So Costco has these freshly-made pizzas . . .

Not the ones at the front that you can buy by the slice, but the ones at the back near the cheese cooler. Just noticed one the other night. Boxed and ready to take home to cook--not frozen. Fresh basil leaves and slices of tomato and lots of cheese. We decided to give it one a try for dinner, so we put it in the 'fridge until dinner time. Later on in the evening, we gave it 16 minutes in a 400 degree oven, directly on the oven rack (as per directions). Very tasty indeed and super easy and not greasy. $9.99 for a big freshly baked pizza--not bad. I usually sprinkle some cheese and hot pepper flakes on mine, maybe even some extra garlic powder if I don't have to go out and breathe near people later.

So, if you were in Costco lately and saw one and wondered about them--yes, they are easy and tasty. And I suppose you could load some more stuff on them too, come to think of it!


Steve Graff said...

I had no idea that the fresh take-and-bake pizzas were any different than the ones that they sell at the snack bar, so I never took a closer look.
I was at Costco yesterday so I bought one of the Margherita (sp?) pizzas and we had it for dinner. My wife and I both really liked it.
Now maybe if my tomatoes and basil grow well this year I can augment it with additional fresh tomatoes slices (the ones on the pizza were a bit under ripe).

A Noid (formerly of Domino's) said...

OH man! No basil-mozz pizzas at Costco tonight! &%%&@!

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