Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My mid-week haul from the Durham Farmer's Market

Wow, it was nice to drop by the Durham Farmer's Market after work and pick up some things mid-week. It was pretty darn busy when I was there and plenty of vendors were there too. Here's my haul:

Free range eggs, organic fresh strawberries, butter lettuce, zucchini, baby bok-choy, and a box of hand-made chocolates. Yum!

I love the way the fresh eggs look in my 'fridge.

Bon App├ętit, Ya'll.


Anonymous said...

O my goodness those chocolates from the Dolly Mama are wonderful. Did you have one with the chilli pepper in it? Christa recently made a sorbet with strawberries and chilli peppers much like the mango chilli pops at Loco Pops! Wendy

Durham Bull Pen said...

Wendy: Haven't had any yet! I'll have to check again which flavors are in the box.

My favorite loco-pop flavor is mango-chilli, hands-down.