Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Orange traffic cones laid out, banners hoisted

Downtown is humming with activity this afternoon and will soon be inundated with scores of film folks because it's time for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

From my observations in the past, the attendees tend to travel in little groups, wearing their Film Fest creds on a lariat around their necks. Fun to see them looking down at their maps and up at the street signs, trying to find Bull McCabe's or Brightleaf Square. Other times they have cell phones pressed up against their heads and gesticulate wildly. Also interesting to see the press satellite trucks line up beside the Carolina Theatre if a celebrity or two is in town for the festival.

Full Frame is recognized as the premier documentary film festival in the United States by both The New York Times and indieWIRE and is well-known for its southern hospitality, relaxed atmosphere and walkable venue layout. During the past decade Full Frame has welcomed both first time and celebrated filmmakers including Martin Scorsese, Abbas Kiarostami, Michael Moore, Syndey Pollack, Errol Morris, Barbara Kopple, Ken Burns, Ric Burns, Charles Burnett, Mira Nair and Jonathan Demme.

We scored tickets for Saturday to see Body of War, which I blogged about here earlier.

You can check here to see if there are any films you'd like to catch.

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Marsosudiro said...

I once saw someone Segwaying down the Main St. sidewalk near Brightleaf. I think it was during Full Frame. I doubt it would have been during ADF, the only other regular international gathering thing that I can think of around here.