Thursday, April 17, 2008

Durham's Early Voting began today for primary!

I try to take advange of early voting, so I thought I'd post about it here so you can take advantage too! Truthfully, I get pretty jazzed about voting, so early voting is GREAT for me, although I feel a bit left out on voting day itself, but at the same time smug that I've already voted. (Click on the page below to see a bigger picture of the schedule and information.)

Go here for more on Schedule, Absentee, Early Voting, and Sample Ballots.


toastie said...

Any endorsements from DBP? I'm a bit unsure on a couple of the contests.

Jack said...

Am I the only one that likes the excitement of voting on election day? It seems like more and more of my friends are voting early, for various reasons.
I like to get to my polling place early in the morning and after voting, check to see what number voter I am. Later during the day, I like to call my wife or friends and see what number they were. Up until just a couple of years ago, I'd be out there handing out voting "guides" all day long. Rain or shine. My back and my feet don't allow me to do that anymore. :(

Does the Indy offer voting guides / endorsements for early voters?