Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Durham Bull is a two-faced so-and-so

And doesn't he look grand? I get to see him from my window at work now in a whole new way. I earlier worried about the changes coming, but this will do nicely, although frankly I had no problems with the old bull.

A view from my office today:

Old view:

The new bull does give me the uneasy feeling he's not paying attention to what's going on in the stadium with the Durham Bulls, even though I know it's a double-sided bull.

No "Hit Bull Win Steak" on my side either. Offer only available stadium-side.


Rockwell said...

I'm not the only one
who always feels like,
somebody's watching me

That bull's giving your office the stink eye.

Jack said...

Nice view from your office. I went to the game the day after the opener, and Mr. Bull was still one-sided. His eyes do get pinker now, and the smoke more forceful. But he lacked a tail.

You know, a lot of baseball players are superstitious. If they don't start winning some games soon, someone's gonna find a way to tear that Bull down.

7-10. Indeed. Tied for last.

Celeste said...

I heard that for the season opener, the opposing team hit the bull - actually, the grass, so he wins a salad - and the smoke did not go off. :( I'm glad to hear they may have fixed this after the opening game.

L. Toreau said...

They usually don't light that Bull up when the "bad guys" hit a home run. Just the "good guys". :)

I think that he should probably get the salad, though.

Barry said...

i liked it better when there was someone sitting up behind the bull operating all the different effects. And the kids could go up and spend an inning flicking the switch to make the eyes light up.

As i recall in the movie, when an opposing player jacked one into the bull, he got a steak dinner. "Anything travels that far ought to have a stewardess."