Sunday, April 6, 2008

Afternoon film at The Full Frame Documentary Film Fest

We took in the documentary Body of War at The Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham this afternoon as part of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. It was truly as phenomenal as I thought it would be based on what I'd already seen and read about it. Because we Durhamites were lucky enough to have this screened at the film festival this weekend, the filmmakers Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro were present and took some questions after the screening. The following is a low res pic from my cellphone camera:

Fletcher Theatre inside The Carolina seats over 1,000 and was full from what I could observe.

I'm hoping the film makes a regular run at The Carolina Theatre soon for anyone who wants to see it but didn't see it at the film festival. It was very warmly received today, which was not lost on the filmmakers.

I also highly recommend the CD that Tomas Young put together for the film and all the profits from the CD go to the Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Also, this was just another of the innumerable reasons why Durham rocks. I heard about this film only 2 weekends or so ago, saw the Bill Moyers show on it, and today I saw the movie at The Carolina Theatre and had a chance to hear the filmmakers talk about it in person. How cool is that?

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Jack said...

Pretty exciting day at the FFDFF today. How often is it that a film has an opening in Durham before NY and LA?
A great film, and seeing Donahue and Ellen Spiro afterwards was awesome.
Thanks for grabbing us some fourth row seats, DBP!