Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yummy Sushi at Mt. Fuji at Brightleaf Square

Friends and I met at Mt. Fuji at Brightleaf Square for dinner recently. Mainly two of us were having serious sushi cravings, and we all met at Mt. Fuji so we two could feed our sushi habit. As you can see, the plate of sushi was beautiful and I snapped a quick picture before we completely scarfed it down. Tasty and we agreed we could've devoured much more. Next time we will. We ordered the "Christmas Roll" (on the right), the "Spicy Ocean" (middle)--both of those were specials, and the Kani roll (left, with the red fish roe).

The others reported as follows on their meals: the Green Curry with chicken was 'okay,' the Pad See Ew with Tofu got an enthusiastic 'excellent,' and the Spicy Basil (Thai) Shrimp was reportedly 'good.'

That evening just after we got seated, about 50 Duke undergrad students in couples came streaming in wearing formal duds and were seated nearby. It quickly went from being fairly low-key and quiet to practically a party. We put in our orders quickly and got served while they were still marking their paper slips for their sushi choices.

All in all a good night. The sushi was quite tasty and we'll definitely be back for more.

What's your favorite sushi place around here?


Jackson said...

Great photo of the sushi. I've never had a piece of sushi at Mt. Fuji that was anything but de-licious. It's my new favorite place for sushi.

Barry Ragin said...

As much as it pains me to say it, if you can get a table there, the sushi at Akai-Hana in Carrboro is, alas, better than anything in Durham.

Kurama, which draws a much bigger crowd for the steakhouse side of things, has a very nice little sushi area that is almost never crowded. The fare has always been fresh when i've been there, and the service is attentive without being overbearing.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Thanks Barry. I'll check those out. Akai-Hana in Carrboro may be the same place a friend recommended a few weeks ago. I really am going to have to drive over and try it out.

Zack said...

Put my money on Kurama (not the Steakhouse, but the joint on N.Columbia Street across from Spanky's and the big parking lot). The conveyor belt is awesome, and you can order right from the dudes* in the island in the middle of the restaurant. Plus there are numerous veggie options.

* huh, I wonder if there are any dudettes who make sushi professionally?

Lenore said...

I meant to make a similar comment on my own blog, but I'll make it here first.

Kurama is definitely my favorite, by far. I thought Akai-Hana was pretty good, but then someone told me that she saw that they barely cleaned the serving trays before they reused them and I haven't been back since.

I love the Wasabi Rolls at Mt. Fuji.