Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Excitement! My new showerhead is here already.

Oh yes, of course I already had a low-flow showerhead. But this one is even lower-flowing in terms of GPM (gallons per minute). And this one comes complete with a shut-off switch on it--so my water will stay the same temp while I'm shampooing and lathering up with the flow turned off. Flip the switch back on to rinse off.

I ordered it online and it came in 2 days. It was inexpensive too, imho. Brand name is "Whedon."

Ace Hardware Outlet here.


toastie said...

I don't know anything about showerheads. It is pretty inexpensive, but the one you can get from the city (county?) of Durham for $3 is really cheap. What's the difference? (I imagine my 20 to 30-year-old shower head is single-handedly responsible for Durham's water shortage, and I do mean to replace it).

Durham Bull Pen said...

Hi toastie,

The City of Durham one (that I have now) is just fine. A vast improvement on non-lowflow showerheads I believe.

Mainly because I'm a gadget-freak I wanted one with a shut-off button to keep the water the same temp when I'm temporarily shutting off the water to shampoo and lather.

Also, the City of Durham one flows at 2.5 gallons per minute and my new one is 1.9 gpm.

Just checked this too--the City of Durham's website says "If your showerhead was installed prior to 1993, it could have a flowrate up to 6.0 gallons per minute (gpm)."

City of Durham showerhead site:

Hope this helps. :)

Zack said...

I wonder if it'd be kosher to put one of those up in my apartment. Think that violates some kind of tennant agreement?

~ Zorro

Durham Bull Pen said...


I personally think you'd be just fine replacing your showerhead if you wanted. Just keep the old one to put back in place before you move out. At least for me, it was just a simple matter of unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one.

Lancelot Link said...

Here's video from the DIY network, on how-to:

Lancelot Link said...

Hey! Where's the rest of me....