Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fine day for a bike ride on the ATT

Sunny and cool afternoon in Durham today. Perfect for a trek down the American Tobacco Trail on my bike. Great to see so many other Durhamites out on the trail today too. Walking, cycling, jogging, in-line skating. Everyone friendly with a quick smile and that always makes me feel great--at least as much as coasting downhill, standing upright on my pedals does.

Here are a few pictures from today's ride to share. BTW, I found out I can take pictures while riding without wiping out. At least so far.

I enjoying riding over the bridges.

From the bridge, looking down on a small 'crick' & a plank bridge.

Nice stretch though a stand of mostly pines.

An old barn just off the trail.

Back home at the head of the trail. A pleasing sight to see.

No admission fee, and beautiful, exhilarating, fun, and good for me.

Can't beat that.


nicomachus said...

Nice post; I'm going to link to it from, my site and a cycling blog for Durham.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Thanks nicomachus. I'm still learning about all the local blogs and am relatively new to this. I'll check your blog out and add it to my blog-roll as well.

Nellicious said...

Hey...I want to ride with you sometime!

Durham Bull Pen said...

Nellicious--yes, let's ride!