Tuesday, January 8, 2008

File Under: Schedenfreude

Bill Kristol's first column for the NYT's has a whoopsie.

Jane Smiley must have a big smiley about this, given her big drop-kick of the NYT to which she has contributed:

Next week, I am really going to miss The New York Times. For years now, I have spent at least part of every morning reading the Times, and I love its variety. In addition, I have had a long and enjoyable writer's relationship with the Times. I've written for the magazine, the Travel Section, the Book Review, and the Op-Ed page (once I wrote in favor of divorce, and they received a gratifying hail of shocked, shocked shocked! letters in response). On the day I heard the first rumor about my Pulitzer Prize, I was working with one of the Book Review editors. In a state of disbelief, I asked her if she had heard anything.

She goes on to tell here why the addition of Kristol was the last straw for her. And does it with great style.

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