Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great show at Broad Street Cafe last night.

It was a fundraiser for a very worthy cause, First in Families NC.

The show had a little bit for everyone. Peter Holsapple opened the show and played some excellent songs and one of my favorite ones, Amplifier. It has 'black humor,' he says. Back before it all became 'ironic' instead.

Peter Holsapple

Next up was Sweet By and By, a four piece bluegrass group, all young women, playing their original music. Their voices were so sweet and pure and their songs were superb. Really nice stuff. And they were having FUN which was nice to see.

Sweet By and By

The headliner was Peter Lang who played blues and folk guitar. I've *never* seen or heard guitar playing done that well. I kid you not. Defies explanation. I snagged a CD and look forward to enjoying it.

Peter Lang

It was Lang's 60th birthday and there was a bit of a party for him and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. Someone made a huge cake and at the end of the show for those of us still left, we all had a piece of Lang's birthday cake.

Another wonderful night in my sweet town, Durham.


Adrienne said...

What a nice show. The table in front of me had parents, their adult son who had some developmental disabilities, and what appeared to be the 70-something grandma. The dad had a couple Peter Lang albums and told us that one had been a Christmas gift from him to his wife in 1974! Grandma stood, enthralled by much of PL's first set, and the son was beside himself to have the albums signed before the show. It was nice to be near folks so very "into" the show. Longtime fans who were also being served by the organization being feted.

Valerie said...

I took the kids to see Peter Holsapple several months back at Broad Street. He was very entertaining and funny!

My son's music teacher is in Sweet By & By. We saw them play at a festival and really enjoyed them, the vocals particularly.

Anyone know how the Broad Street sale is progressing? I hope the new owner keeps up these shows.