Monday, December 1, 2008

Durham Performing Arts pictures

I attended the Open House for the Durham Perfoming Arts Center tonight. I managed to be standing right beside the Plensa sculpture when it was lighted. Jaume Plensa himself was there too (pic of him in my photostream below). Our arts center is beautiful--I went inside and sat on every level including the uppermost seat in the place. The seats are extremely comfortable with plenty of leg room, whether you have the expensive seats or are in the upper section. I drank some hot chocolate and managed to nab a cheese cube or two, but it was crowded around the food, natch. I even got a picture or two of the crescent Moon with Jupiter and Venus, which was spectacular once the clouds left town.


Marsosudiro said...

Oh man wow. I had no idea it was so beautiful inside.

matimus said...

Those pictures are amazing! I'm going to my first DPAC event this Friday, and I can't wait.

Justin Wehr said...

Thanks for these fantastic shots!

I can't wait to see the pillar of light in person.