Thursday, December 11, 2008

Know Your Parking Lots.

I don't get annoyed very often. With that said, this really annoys me: people who don't 'get' how parking lots work.

It seems obvious to me that there are at least 2 categories of parking lots. One kind has angled spaces and is meant for one way traffic only. You don't have to be a genius to see it. At Northgate Mall tonight, there was an example of the one way traffic category:

See? Designed to be one way. The spaces were angled specifically for cars travelling one way. So please don't come barreling down the wrong way, headlights blazing, looking for a space, okay? Because you are going to cause a wreck. And what kind of crazy turn will you have to make in order to get into the space angled away from your car? Just go to the very next row and that row will be for one way in the opposite direction. This is not hard.

Granted, there do exist parking lots designed for two way traffic. The tip off: the spaces are not angled and the row is bit wider to accomodate the two way traffic. An example of this would be the Durham Costco, if you are ever at that parking lot. Or Target.

Here's a drawing yoinked off the net for illustration:

This isn't about whether one kind of parking lot is better than the other, or whether we need less parking lots. But let's at least learn how to work the ones we got first.


toastie said...

Ever try to park in the Bruegger's lot off of Ninth Street and Perry Street?

Google maps aerial view

SteveG said...

Oh boy, that Bruegger's lot is a bitch to navigate. Quite possibly the worst designed parking lot ever. I'd rather park in the large lot down the block on Ninth than have to deal with that.

As far as people driving the wrong way down parking aisles, I think that the majority of these folks are stupid or they just don't care. About a week ago I went to Northgate and was followed by a large, jacked up SUV into the parking lot. He suddenly swerved into one of the aisles, sped through the spots into the next aisle and then attempted to cut in front of me but was unsuccessful. I then found a spot in the front-most aisle (huzzah!). As I got out of my car I saw the two thugs get out of the SUV and I could have sworn they made some comments about me. They were total jerks. Durham really has the worst drivers I have ever experienced.

Jamie Gruener said...

You forgot the hybrid parking lot where all the spots are an angle, but the same angle. The Kroger on Hillsborough Road has these wacky spots and figuring out where to drive and/or park is a disaster.