Friday, December 19, 2008

Triangle D now Trinity Food Mart

The corner store at Trinity Avenue and Washington Street suddenly closed for a few days and re-opened with a new name, Trinity Food Mart and "under new management." I drive by nearly every day on the way downtown and occasionally stop in for an over-priced soda if the mood strikes. The place is open, but the inside is sparsely filled with convenience store items. I assume more stock will be arriving. Gas was more expensive than most, at $1.79 per gallon yesterday. Admittedly I've had to stop at the old Triangle D when my car was running on fumes and I needed the closest gas available--and was glad it was so close to work and home. And honestly, I've always liked the quirky old store, mainly because it's not a generic clone chain mini-mart.

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Marsosudiro said...

I'm not a big Jimmy Buffet fan, but your post made me think of this song:

BTW, what happened to the theory that this 'mart had really low gas prices because they were selling everything (or at least the gas) before somebody else bought the place. It's not obvious to me how a big sale would have helped the original owners.