Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes I did . . . vote early.

I'm thrilled. Lots--and I mean lots--more African American voters at my early voting place than I have ever seen before. Lots more voters, period, too. We were #2133 and 2134 at our site when we fed our ballots through. Now I'm not saying I know how every African American voter is voting because I do not, but let me say this--we almost always vote early and there were many more African American voters voting at that early voting place than I've ever seen. This is at the main early voting site, the Board of Elections, so anyone in any precinct can vote there early. There are 8 other early voting places in the county I understand.

It was awesome! The place was packed, the energy was so high it fairly crackled, the line moved quickly, lots of smiles and camaraderie. The feeling of 'we are doing something monumental here' was in the air more than I've ever felt before.

Beyond the required 60 feet (you can't campaign within 60 feet of the voting place), there was a young woman selling Obama Biden yard signs for $5 a piece. They were going fast.

My shirt with my sticker:

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Jack said...

I voted in Hillsborough yesterday at the Library downtown. I was #1881 at 1:00PM. That total reflects 2-1/2 days worth of early voting at the library. I was #550 for the day.
550 is almost exactly 10% of Hillsborough's population of 5551, although I realize that voting there was for all Orange County voters.
This was my first time voting early. And while I felt good doing it, I'm gonna miss going to my polling place on November 4.