Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Collard Green Sandwich?

Yes. That's correct. A collard green sandwich. Never heard of them until recently and the only place I've ever seen them is at a stand at the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy, NC. (It's a street festival, held on the downtown streets, not in a parking lot, incidentally. All the downtown businesses are opened and packed with customers with money in their pockets. I'm just saying.)

Anyway, this past Saturday I went to the Autumn Leaves Festival, and I already knew the line for the collard green sandwich would be long. It was about a 25 minutes wait in a long snaking line, and as people passed by they would shake their heads and say, "they sure must be good." I think the novelty of it can't be discounted either. They are tasty, however.

What are they? Simple--cake cornbread, sliced in two pieces, a big spoonful of collard greens, and a slice of crispy pork. I snapped a few pictures so you could see too.

And for dessert, a bit of sweet potato cobbler:


dbp_bro said...

Man I wish I could have had one of those. That looks good.

I do remember going to Snappy Lunch in Mt Airy, and getting a Porkchop sandwich. Very delicious.

Ross Grady said...

Collard Sandwiches in Mt. Airy!? Fascinating. I read a great blog post (in the greatest southern food blog of all time, David Cecelski's NC Food) about collard sandwiches at the Lumbee Homecoming down in Robeson County, but that's a world away from Mt. Airy. Here's a link to the post: http://ncfolk.wordpress.com/2008/07/14/lumbee-homecoming-and-the-collard-sandwich/

Now I know of at least *two* street fairs I must visit before I die. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am totally drooling over that. I'll have to try making one at home.

Jamie said...

Is that pork really meat or is it fatback? I can't tell from the pictures. If it ain't fatback, I'm sure that would add a whole new flavor/texture to the sandwich!

Durham Bull Pen said...

@dhp_bro: Cool--haven't had the porkchop sandwich at Snappy Lunch yet.

@ross grady: thanks for the link! I grew up near Robeson County (in Sampson Co.)

@etselec: they don't look too hard to make, do they? They are yummy.

@jamie: probably it is fatback but I didn't want to over-southern the whole description. ;)

Jacob said...

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