Friday, October 24, 2008

Mary Gauthier at St. Philip's

Attended another great Strings Attached concert tonight at St. Philip's downtown. Singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier gave a benefit concert for UMD. UMD does lots of great work in Durham as you can see if you click on their site.

When I arrived around 6:30pm, Only Burger's rolling hamburger stand was set up outside St. Philip's and the smell of grilled hamburgers was wafting through air. Drool. Only Burger of course had drawn a little crowd. Inside some folks were already enjoying their hamburgers and french fries before the concert started. Wow, it smelled so good. I didn't have an opportunity to try one but I will soon I hope.

Only Burger at dusk in front of St. Philip's

Gauthier came out at 7:00pm and played straight through, ninety minutes of riveting songs. I could certainly tell that a couple of her big influences were Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. I especially liked her song about Karla Faye Tucker, Karla Faye, and another called Camelot Motel. She's charming on stage, and after the show I picked up a couple of her CD's (Mercy Now and Genesis) and got them signed. Looking forward to listening to them. You can hear a few of her songs in full at her Myspace page here.

Mary Gauthier

Another great Strings Attached show at St. Philip's. Hope it raised some nice bucks for UMD and I'm on board for whatever the next good show will be. Props to Rebekah Radisch and Strings Attached.


Jack said...

I really enjoyed the last two Strings Attached benefits (Kate Campbell and Michelle Malone).
I'm really sorry that I had to miss this one.

Marsosudiro said...

Thanks for the UMD plug, and the review of the Mary Gauthier show.

I'm a longtime supporter of UMD and plan to be a newtime supporter of Mary Gauthier.

Thanks also to St. P's for their continued neighborly support of UMD. Strings Attached was a creation of their former rector. It's nice that it's still carrying on.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the shout out, DBP! Your support...and all the other good folks...keep us going!

Next show should be 2/13 (have to give the space back to the church for holidays) with John Gorka.