Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yikes. The smoke!

The winds have blown the acrid smoke smell and the smoke itself into the skies over the Triangle. It's coming from the awful wildfires at the NC coast.

Here's WRAL's Raleigh skyline webcam right now:

Amazing AP aerial photo of the fire from earlier in the week:

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Marsosudiro said...

Wow, that's some freaky smoke, especially in the aerial photo. Thanks for posting those -- greatly interesting to us Derm folks who are out of town traveling for a while and wondering what things are like back home.

Coincidentally, the aerial smoke photo reminds me of special effects scenes from three movies I saw parts of this week, one being one of the Brendan Fraser movies (the Mummy/Scorpion), Spiderman 3, and some other flick whose title I don't know. Freaky freaky stuff when it's real, I think. I expected the leading edge of one of those smoke plumes/clouds to take on the shape of a monster's mouth.