Thursday, June 26, 2008

Collapsible Rain Barrels at Costco

Last January I blogged about ordering a collapsible rain barrel from an online vendor.

Last night I saw that Costco has them for $55 on that main aisle that you walk beside when you enter the store (in Durham).

100 gallon capacity. Looks really sturdy. We got one last night. Don't know how fast they'll go off the shelves, but this is just an FYI if you haven't gotten a rain barrel yet. And it has a spout made into it already.

It's made by "Heaven + Earth" and it looks pretty much like the one on this page. I couldn't find it on Costco's website.


Anonymous said...

Is that fabric? How many summers will that last before the mildew eats it up - or is it treated with a chemical that I'll be sorry about later? and are those PVC poles? Where is the overflow port? Does it just overflow where it sits? For really functional rain barrel products check out

Durham Bull Pen said...

@ "anonymous" - I'm sure the barrel you linked to is a fine product (it's $165 and a no return policy) and your questions are all swell.

This one I blogged about is fine and functional so far, but I'm sure for much more money and set-up time, a fantastic one could be purchased at the site you linked.

Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I just left a comment on your January post because I've been searching for that rain barrel. Looks like it is no longer made or something, so I will look for this one instead!