Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The ol' sneaky dip n' sip

She doesn't care if the coffee is hot, or even if it has cream or milk in it. If you leave it unattended, she will be indulging her coffee habit by dipping her paw in it and licking it off her paw. I cannot tell you how many cups of coffee I've had to pour out over the years (she's 14) because I forgot about the damn cat's addiction. I've had other cats, none were coffee fiends.

First, make sure the coast is relatively clear.

Then stick the paw in the coffee, soaking it. Evidently, concentration is key.

Yummy, a nice robust blend.


Megrnc said...

too cute. cats have such strange habits sometimes

toastie said...

Does she do it especially when there's cream or milk in it? My cats love milk and anything with dairy, although it's not very good for them, of course.

That's an adorable set of pictures!

Jeni said...

Great photos. Thanks for starting my morning with a smile :)

Lisa B. said...

Maybe you should pour her a cup of her own every morning.

Barry said...

I assume you've read Fritz Leiber's "Space-Time for Springers"?

Barry said...

Ahhh - found the text here, in case you're interested. Best cat fiction ever.