Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brunch at Alivia's

Lately one of my favorite relaxing things to do is to enjoy brunch with friends on Saturday or Sunday morning at Alivia's, at the corner of Main and Gregson Street. First of all, it's close by. Second, the coffee is some of the best in town. Also, it's not cramped and you can easily spread out a newspaper and read without feeling rushed. There's plenty of space on the inside of the restaurant and on the outside too, where there are some tables in the shade to be found. It's relaxed and the staff is pleasant and not obtrusive or too-darn-peppy. I hate too-darn-peppy, particularly on the weekends before Noon.

My favorite dish for brunch is the Poached Egg with Steak Hash, and with a steaming cup of fresh coffee too. When I eat this, I'm not ready for supper until late in the day. Some of my friends' favorites are the Shrimp and Grits, and the Stuff Challah French Toast. To tell the truth, I've never seen anything coming out of the kitchen that didn't look delicious.

Poached Egg with Steak Hash

Stuffed Challah French Toast

Shrimp and Grits

After brunch, it's nice to stroll around BrightLeaf Square a bit, and I always find myself in Off-Beat Music, browsing the CDs and happily patronizing our local merchants over the big-box stores.

Have a great Sunday in Durham . . .


Barry said...

"Not too darn peppy" is certainly one way to describe the staff at Alivia's.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Barry, did you have rude service? I haven't ever encountered it there. Everyone's been pleasant and attentive.

I do know that it can depend on individual waitstaff, what days, etc.