Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let's just shoot 'er down.

Remember that "top secret" U.S. satellite falling to the Earth that I blogged about? No? Here ya go.

Hey, turns out the military is just going to fire missiles and shoot it down.

"Plan is to fire missiles from U.S. Navy cruiser before it hits Earth" per this breaking MSNBC story.

That doesn't sound like standard operating procedure to me.

What, me worry?


Jack said...

Perhaps it's paranoia, or maybe just my distrust of the current POTUS, but I wonder if maybe we want to shoot it down before it falls out of the sky and someone is able to take a look at just who we're spying on.

Yep, it's distrust of the current POTUS.

Slim Pickens said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if we'll be able to see the strike.I hope so.

c. little said...

The sky is falling.

Barry Ragin said...

As it turns out, US193 is visible from NC for a brief period around 6:30 pm each of the next several nights.

Click here, and then click on the "Select your location from a map" link for the details on how to spot it.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Maybe it's full of these new-fangled weapons called "Rods from God" discussed
in this 2005 article.

Weapons dropped from space and guided onto their targets.