Thursday, February 7, 2008

Have a "semi-homemade" laugh today

Don't miss Food Network's Sandra Lee create a freaking disaster called a "Kwanzaa Cake," and then the internet hilarity begins:

And don't miss the youtube.comments:

Several things wrong with this recipe:


First off, it cannot be that difficult to buy chocolate frosting. Second, apple pie filling from a can = NO. Third, CornNuts should never, ever, EVER, be used for decoration. Fourth, Kwanzaa was not created for THIS. I could go on and on. Why hasn't the NAACP issued a public condemnation?
she f*cked that cake up good

and my favorite

sandra lee's kwanzaa cake is FIERCE. y'all bitches just wish you were fabulous enough to jam table candles into a cake and put corn nuts on it.

Just in case you'd another review or two, see here and here.

Happy Friday!


dbp_bro said...

I didn't know that Barbie had a cooking show....

Zack said...

My roommate and I are not on the same page in our support of Food Network Stars. I'm a big fan of Giada di Laurentiis, whom my roommate thinks is creepy and weird. She enjoys Rachel Ray, while I have it on authority that none of those meals can really be made in 30 minutes. However, we are united in two things: we both love Ace of Cakes and we both think Sandra Lee is...misguided, to put it charitably.