Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun pasta cheers me some days.

Is that weird or what?

World Market
carries interesting pasta. This farfalle is "100% Italian" the box says and isn't loaded with junk as far as ingredients. No artificial colors, no artificial ingredients, no food coloring.

Good enough for an easy Wednesday night meal in the Durham Bull Pen household.

I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!


Joseph H. said...

Dear God, that's scary. Looks like it should be day-glo Xmas candy instead of pasta.

I hope you don't have any Italian ancestors, because if you do, they're probably spinning in their graves.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Maybe the Italians who made the pasta have Italian ancestors spinning in their graves?

Torino imports several different kinds of pasta from Italy. Some artisanal, some whole wheat, some organic.

Jamie said...

There is something so WRONG about this pasta! Candy in red I'm a bit nauseous. I can't imagine what it looked like coated with sauce...okay I'll stop now.