Monday, February 4, 2008

James Carville and Mary Matalin's home.

Ever wonder where Carville and Matalin live? Yeah, me neither.

However, Architectural Digest did a story on it last month here. One question, what's with all the pink? Doesn't red and blue make purple after all?

One room has red coral on the wall. I found some red coral recently and blogged about it. I did not hang it on my wall. Nor do I have a monkey tchotchke holder, alas.

AD actually states, and apparently not even ironically, "Opposing Views Unite in a Bold Design Vision Near the Capital."

Seriously now, here's their "exuberant living room" designed with "entertaining in mind." I guess it does its entertaining all by itself?

If you like to see the six photos AD put up on the web, click here.

And, for bonus points, can anyone explain the painting behind the Carville-Matalin family shown in this photo. Wow.


Nuni said...

I love the Yul Brenner in a prayer shawl Fauvist painting.

RR said...

It shows the proper hierarchy in the Christian nuclear unit. Man atop the family pyramid, followed by the vessel Mary and their spawn...and pups.

Speaking of pups, did the painted pups die or get a dye job?

Jeff Hart said...

that painting looks like something i'd imagine at the neverland ranch. either that or it's an update on the adamms family portrain, except uncle fester is "uncle daddy" james carville.

dbp_bro said...

It looks like a paint by number deal.Didn't see Yule Brenner, but I thought "Cool! Captain Picard is in a painting!"

Personally, I like the Dogs Playin' Poker picture.

"It's not art, but I like it"

Jackson said...

Well . . . . it's not boring.
A little too doll-housey for me. Kind of like going to the circus, every day.