Wednesday, February 6, 2008

As seen in Durham this afternoon

this bumpersticker gave me much needed chuckle today:

It is frustrating these days if you have an attention span longer than say, 20 seconds, and would like to find actual news on television.


dbp_bro said...

I can't even bear to watch the news anymore. Personally, I don't give flying flip about the latest with Brittany, or Paris. I don't care to know who got voted off the island, or out of the house, or who managed to win some immunity by choking down a falafel full of African dung beetles and a cup of moose eyeballs. When did this crap become TV?

I'll tell you my theory.

With the increase of the internet news, and 'ahem' bloggers, regular news and television has had to switch to more of a tabloid style just to keep viewers.

This has been a steady downhill trend, starting with the ridiculous coverage of OJ Simpson, and drifting away ever since.

Barry Ragin said...

I think you've got your cause and effect backwards.

If the "steady downhill trend" started back with OJ, maybe bloggers are doing what they do to in order to provide an alternative to the "tabloid style" that, as the bard might have said, is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

dbp_bro said...

You understand what I mean. Since the whole OJ deal, news has become more and more like a tabloid.

You are correct that bloggers are offering a return to news that has been lacking.

I just see the major news networks not really changing. Only thing that seems to distinguish them and a traditional tabloid is stories about 'bat-boy' or 'Elvis spotted in a UFO'.