Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's flying around up there anyway?

Neat site I just discovered at spaceweather to track what satellites you can see from your location (what time and where to look):

"US and Canadian readers, enter your zip code ... hit Go!, and you will find out what is going to fly over your area in the nights ahead. There are hundreds of satellites in Earth orbit; we cut through the confusion by narrowing the list to a half-dozen or so of the most interesting. At the moment we are monitoring spy satellite Lacrosse 3, the International Space Station, the Early Ammonia Servicer, and the Hubble Space Telescope."
Heck if you are looking up there in the night sky, you might even spot the lost NASA tool bag, estimated value $100K. It was lost in the current Shuttle mission and it's now streaking across the sky.

As uploaded to youtube (just a few seconds long) of the streaking tool bag:

Happy sky-watching!

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Marsosudiro said...

Earlier this year, some Durham blogger mentioned that three orbiting objects were going to be visible in Durham within ~20 minutes of each other. I was pretty excited about that -- having never (to my knowledge) noticed an orbiting anything.

So I zipped to the nearest open field, which was the big big thing of grass between Erwin Mills at the building where Parizade is. I think I saw two of the items. It was cool. Too bad I wasn't somewhere with less light around.