Friday, November 14, 2008

Best. New Yorker Cover. Ever.

I was thrilled when we got our New Yorker this past week because the cover is a real keeper. I'm almost always interested in the cover, and there's been some great ones and also some duds. This one is beautiful, with the "O" as a full moon over the Lincoln Memorial, with it all shining in the reflecting pool (another view of the reflecting pool, 1963, here).

Here's a slideshow of all 47 covers of 2007 from The New Yorker site.

Here's a slideshow of all 16 cartoons from this week's issue.


Anonymous said...

The "O" full moon is eclipsed. What does that mean?

Durham Bull Pen said...

Anon: LOL. I think it's the letter "O" which, as you may have noticed before, does not have the center filled. I'd suggest keeping the "KISS principle" in mind in the future.