Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Got weeds? Hire the Goats!

Instead of firing up the noisy weed-eater and possibly contracting poison ivy and a case of achy arms and shoulders, if you live 'round here, you can invite The Goat Patrol to your garden to handle your weeds and vines and unwanted vegetation. A friend mentioned she'd be witnessing The Goat Patrol taking down some weeds over the weekend and I was intrigued. Here they are in action a few days ago, doing their job and chowing down--not to mention providing entertainment.

You can even meet the herd before they come over to help you out.

Word was that the owner of the yard in the pictures above was very pleased after the job was complete, and that the little ones in the household were thrilled with the goats coming over for the day.

(Photos were provided courtesy of Wendy Evans.)


Jeff Hart said...

this is one of my favorite stories of the year. it's got everything: work, commerce, hard work, community ... and cute out the wazoo!

Jamie said...

Oh my! I sure wish I had enough weeding to warrant the Goat Patrol. How incredibly cool!