Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Electric Lawn Mower?

A few years ago, maybe 4 or 5, I bought an electric lawn mower. Lots of people said "okaaaay, but they don't have enough power to cut thick grass." Being the hardhead I am, I went ahead and bought it. I liked that it would be quiet (it is) and that I didn't have to fool with cans of gasoline and a persnickety lawn mower engine. I worried about the fact that I always wait until the grass is thick and high, so it might not be able to cut it properly with the electric mower.

I've been pleased with it, so I thought you might be pondering one. They do just fine. I took some pictures for the heck of it, just to show how well mine does, if you are thinking of trading in for an electric.

My Black & Deck Electric Mower:

My backyard a few weeks ago, needing a cut:

Cutting through just fine (the grass was damp):

All done!

The cord is never a problem because when I plug it in, I cut away from where I have the cord plugged in so it's always on the cut side of the lawn, seldom in the way. I'd like to try a cordless lawn mower, but this one has lots of good years left in it. It's never given me one bit of trouble.

Never failed to start, never balked at all. Easy.



toastie said...

Glad you mentioned it. I need a lawn mower and wondered if an electric would do the job, a very small job but kind of offensive to the neighbors that it hasn't been getting done. I don't even care much about cutting it properly at this point.

Durham Bull Pen said...

@ toastie - it's the original kind of "plug and play." It comes in a box from Lowe's (I think that's where I got it). Fit in the backseat of my car. It isn't heavy. I only had to screw the handle to it, which was easy. Then plug it in and mow. :)

I have an electric weedeater too (from Black & Decker) and it does a great job too. I'm pretty sure Lowe's carries those too if you have a small job of cutting and trimming.

dbp_bro said...


RoboMow....An electric robotic mower.

How cool is that.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

We've got the same as yours, DBP. Ours came from Sears.

Simple to assemble, simpler still to use and maintain.

I get a bit grumpy at the cord (given that we have some shrubs, trees, planters that to navigate) but haven't severed it yet.

I've had no probs with the lusher parts of the lawn either.

I'm much more pleased with it than I was with the loud, gas-powered, temperamental one.

Mowsy on!

dbp_bro said...

Hey sis, maybe you can paint a black mask on your mower and call it 'The Lawn Arranger'.

I crack me up sometimes.

Durham Bull Pen said...

@ dbp_bro: LOL! You crack me up too!

phil said...


Growing up in Asheville, I used to mow lawns for money. The culture of the time (in my family's estimate, at least) was that Sunday really was a "day of rest" and that we ought not do (public and loud) work things on that day of the week.

But one Sunday I really needed to mow a neighbor's lawn, so I did. I felt so conspicuous (and guilty. Did I mention I was raised Catholic?). But I got it done.

I'm becoming more aware of "noise pollution" as an issue worth paying attention to. Hooray for you and your electric.

Anonymous said...
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