Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Waterlily Competition

I took a walk at Duke Gardens on Sunday and the waterlilies in the koi ponds are just beginning to bloom. The ones that were blooming were simply beautiful. There was sign nearby that announced the following:

The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society has once again chosen Duke Gardens to be the growing site for the organization's annual New Waterlily Competition, a contest that draws entries from skilled hybridizers around the world. The purpose of this competition is to promote interest in hybridizing new colors, forms, and sizes of both tropical and hardy waterlilies. In the past few years, several note-worthy new hybrids have been introduced as a result of the competition, including plants with unusual flower shapes and colors; new leaf patterns and colors; and new viviparous waterlilies. These one-of-a-kind lilies will be on display in the Fish Pool at the base of the Historic Terraces during July and August. Visitors are invited to see these new hybrids up close this summer and to choose their favorites as part of the second annual "People's Choice Awards". Votes can be cast in person using ballots, via cell phone using the Guide by Cell program, or here on our website.

So, you can stroll by and check out the waterlilies and cast your own vote for your favorite because there is a "People's Choice Award" for the lilies too.

Here are a few pictures I took on Sunday at the pond:

And here's the poster describing the competition and containing a ballot box (you can click it twice to make it larger and readable):

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