Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eno in Chicago

This place caught my eye as I walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Eno? Hey, I know an Eno (river, that is). So I walk over take a closer look and it looks like a place we might like. Another kind of Eno. Later that evening we take a stroll down brightly lit Michigan Avenue--it was a beautiful breezy night, sidewalks full of people and plenty of activity at 11pm.

Our view from our table:

A friendly Chicago greeting as we step inside, as I've come to expect and enjoy. Nice table by the window and plenty of time to peruse the menu. So many flights of wine, cheese, and chocolate. Oh what to pick on this menu!

We ended up getting the Faux Bordeaux and the Pinot Envy flights of wine. The wine we liked best of the six was the 2006 Eola Hills Pinot Noir.

For the cheese, we chose The International and the Silky Smooth flights. The Quicke's raw cow milk cheddar from Devon was the best of the cheeses we tried. The chocolate flight was one we picked out specifically with just truffles. The dark cherry flavored truffle was the best of the three.

Eno from the sidewalk:

I'd definitely go back and plan to the next time I'm in Chicago. I really should also try Durham's Six Plates and I'm sad to say I haven't so far.

In an unrelated matter, a spider waits in his web on a busy N. Michigan Avenue corner, in a planter. Not sure how good business is there for him:

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