Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Found these heirloom cherry tomatoes (below) at the Wednesday afternoon Durham Farmer's Market. Can't wait to eat 'em! The berries and peaches smell so good in my kitchen right now, and I decided to splurge and buy some Strawberry Chevre and Mediterranean Chevre to try from Elodie Farms.

The good thing too is knowing it all came from local farmers. How cool is that?


Valerie said...

I got the Medi Chevre, too! It's not my favorite flavor to date, but it was good. Did you try the cantaloupe samples? The cantaloupe is divine.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Valerie--So far we haven't tried the chevre. Hoping to have it with some wine this weekend. What's your favorite that Elodie sells?

I'm determined to get some cantaloupe this weekend. You're the 2nd person to mention to me that it is so good this season. Maybe the perfect mixture of rain and sun and clouds this season!

Valerie said...

I think any of the savory ones I liked better. JalapeƱo, pepper.

You're gonna love the melon!