Sunday, July 20, 2008

Durham gets 67 new public bike racks

From this Durham City website:

Durham bicycling enthusiasts now have 67 new bike racks to use throughout the city thanks to a recently finished installation as part of Durham's CityRacks Bicycle Parking Program.

All new bicycle racks are located on public property and a new map and list of all rack locations can now be accessed [here.] According to (Dale) McKeel, the City does plan to install additional bicycle racks in the coming year.

To request a specific location for a new rack, or to review the current map and list of all rack locations, see the links [found here] or contact McKeel at (919) 560-4366, extension 284 or via e-mail at

Residents can also stay up-to-date with all bicycling and pedestrian activities by visiting the Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Web site at

I've seen lots of bicycles on the road, some increase no doubt due to the price of gas. It's kind of scary how many bicycles are on the road at night around my neighborhood without any lights, or how many people aren't wearing helmets. I am glad to see so many people who've dusted off their bikes and started pedaling, however. The bike rack pictured above can be found at the Durham Farmer's Market.


Ross Grady said...

Bravo to Durham for the bike racks. But, um, wassup with the map? The icon they selected to denote the location of a bike rack is essentially an underscore with a caret over it, and it's about the size of a downtown city block, so now I know that there are a half-dozen racks within a few blocks of my house, but I couldn't tell you exactly where any of them are, based on the map.

But then I guess all I gotta do is ride around & presumably I'll spot them, especially if they're all bull-shaped like the one in the picture.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Ross: Since I didn't draw the map, that sounds like an excellent question for Dale McKeel, whose address is in the presser linked:

Not sure if they are shaped like the one at the Farmer's Market (depicted) or not.

Happy cycling.