Thursday, April 23, 2009

City slicker raccoons

I live close in to city center in Durham. Nevertheless we get plenty wildlife encounters. Bunnies eat my lettuce in my tiny garden down to a nub. Squirrels try to make a home in my attic. A hoot owl makes haunting owl calls far up in the trees late at night. But the raccoons! They practically ring the doorbell and ask for leftovers. Here's a picture my neighbor snapped early one morning of some raccoons near my garbage can:

Cute, yes. But up to something no doubt.

Last week one was banging around trying to--I guess--lift the top of the tall green rolling trash can. That's what it sounded like anyway.

When I came home from work day before yesterday, I found out one had been on my front porch. There are the raccoon tracks, right there in the yellow pollen on my front porch:

A friend suggested maybe with all the pollen, he was looking for Benadryl. Perhaps.

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Jim Looney said...

i opened my green can the other morning to discover a racoon inside. not sure how long he'd been in there, as he seemed dazed as he scrambled out (after i tipped the can over). Now I put big rocks on top so they can't get in.